Free Zone is fenced and marked part of the republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many GUARANTEED ADVANTAGES AND PRIVILEGES.

Business activities in Free Zones are diverse and they are all approved except those that endanger the environment or the safety of the host country.

Storage of goods and raw materials is the simplest business activity in the zone. In the Free Zones the storage also means different actions carried out on goods, which makes them different from simple warehousing. In the type of zone that is exclusively engaged in storage, various activities with the goods in addition to loading, unloading and reloading are permitted: packaging, repackaging, filling, pouring, discharging, division, assembling, disassembling, distributing, sorting, labeling and the like. In Free Zones, users are allowed to build their own warehouses and storages, where goods have special customs and tax status and an unrestricted retention period.


Re-export business includes the import of certain goods, which will be exported in a short period. This work provides foreign purchases of goods in one market and sale to another.


Refinement - finishing, processing and treatment of goods gives the zones special attraction.  Certain goods are being imported into a Free Zone, where their finishing, processing or treatment is performed (or the goods are being temporarily taken out of the zone into the customs territory  and returned as refined). Processing the goods in the production facilities outside the Free Zone enables to the company to operate as if the whole is in the Free Zone.


LON jobsinvolve processing of imported goods which are going to be imported as processed products, with the prices increased by the value of services provided.




                    - Consulting services;


                    - Infrastructure services (water, electricity, telecommunications, land, construction, etc..)


                   - Providing the necessary documentation for clients.




FREE ZONE SMEDEREVO wants to attract customers who are:




Export-oriented and which production requires imported materials.


Companies that predominantly assemble final products form imported components, and whose products are intended for export or domestic market


Companies that deal with passive and active processing of imported goods


Companies that perform LON jobs


Companies looking for distribution centers in the region ....




The management of the City of Smederevo works hard to attract investors to Smederevo. Each investor is approached with great respect and with the aim to meet its needs.


Слободна зона Смедерево - Free zone Smederevo
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