Smederevo is positioned at 40.39 ° North latitude and 20.57 ° East longitude. It is located in the northeastern part of Serbia, on the bank of the second largest European river Danube, on European Corridor 7 and Land Corridor 10. Smederevo is situated only 46 km from the capital Belgrade.


The main potential of Free Zone Smederevo is precisely its very favorable position as follows:


Geo-traffic position between the two European corridors - Land Coridor10 - highway and Water Corridor 7- the Danube. In addition to a well-developed railway network Smederevo has developed a network of trunk and local roads. The northeast harbor that can accommodate Black Sea ships with the bulk cargo barges and containers is located in Smederevo.


The closest airport is Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla, which is 60km away.


   Downstream from Smederevo is the Kovin bridge, which is the last link with the left bank of the Danube up to the Hydro-power plant "Djerdap I".


Слободна зона Смедерево - Free zone Smederevo
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