Unlimited production activities and services are allowed in Free Zone


Raw materials imported for production and business facilities construction in the area of the Free Zone are not subject to customs duties and other import duties


Doing business under the Zone regime results in operational savings


Import of goods and provision of transportation and other services in the Free Zone is exempted from VAT


Goods that are imported or exported from a Free Zone shall be treated as customs goods


Control of goods in the Free Zone shall be carried out by customs authorities; the user of the Free Zone is required to enable implementation of customs control measures and to keep proper records.


The goods from Free Zone released into free circulation in the territory of Serbia shall be subject to customs duties and other import duties




The benefits of investment in the Free Zone 
• Location on Corridor 10 that connects Europe with the Middle East
• A free trade agreement with Russia (0% duty rate) 
• Free Trade Agreement CEFTA 
• Free Trade Agreement with Belarus and Turkey
• Free Trade Agreement with EU
• Free Trade Agreement with EFTA
• Free Trade Agreement with Kazakhstan
• Unemployed, educated and cheap labor
• Simplified regulations on foreign trade and foreign investment
• Exemption from corporate income tax
• Exemption from VAT on energy


The benefits that the Serbian government offers to investors




The products (51% of Serbian origin) are exported to the Russian market with the duty of 1%;


Low tax rates: 18% VAT - in the Free Zones 0%


Investments of over 7.5 million $ and 100 additionally employed workers are not subject to income tax for 10 years,


Various tax credits on investments, of 10 years maximum and 20% of tax deduction,


The tax benefits for new employed workers,


Tax credits of 40% of investment costs for fixed assets investments,


Exemption from income tax for 5 years period for revenues from concessions,


The grant funds from the development funds of agriculture, ecology, environmental protection, scientific research etc..


Financial incentives for investments and new jobs -


Слободна зона Смедерево - Free zone Smederevo
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